Does Your Company Need Application Performance Management Solutions?



Whether you have a start-up venture or an established, and successful, corporation you’re bound to come across a scenario where a specific question is asked: Should I integrate an APM solution into my network? While businesses who wish to cut costs and reduce expenditures may find the investment of an APM tool isn’t worth it, the truth of the matter is the longer you go without an effective APM solution, the closer you come to losing business and client trust due to a faulty application. Of course, some businesses have a much higher demand for APM solutions due to their application-heavy network (either wired or mobile). However, even if your company utilizes only one application, the availability and reliability of this application may directly determine the overall success of your business.

As the use of critical web-based applications become more and more common among all industries, so does the requirement for APM tools. In fact, the reliability and availability of applications may disrupt SLA guarantees. Therefore, regardless of business size and scope of practice, APM solutions ensure user experiences go uninterrupted and guarantees established by your web hosts SLA policies are upheld.

Effectiveness of Application Performance Management

In the most general sense, application performance management allows IT managers to easily, and effectively, monitor performances of all applications without having to manually dig for information. Integrated solutions allow performance issues to be near-instantaneously identified and corrected by continually monitoring events and transactions at all levels.

While there are many reasons as to why your business should adopt an effective application performance management solution, the following are universal advantages across all business disciplines:

  • Meet User Demands – Application performance management tools are unique as they allow IT managers and business owners the opportunity to identify and study IP network traffic to determine application visibility. Identifying such information is crucial for businesses to the meet the demands of users by ensuring its operation matches the level of need from each user.
  • Identifying Traffic Flow Issues – As most IT professionals will tell you, pinpointing the exact location of an error or issue is among the most time-consuming aspects of diagnosing a malfunctioning application. This is especially true if an enterprise utilizes multi-levels applications for a wide array of purposes. Application performance management solutions simplify this process by continually monitoring application performance at every level. It’s through this automatic monitoring issues and errors are able to be instantly identified and located. This allows IT managers the ability to fix the issue without having to wade through mounds of data, which results in faster fixes and happier customers.
  • Insights into Application Utilization – Understanding how your application is being used, and to what level it’s being used, is an essential component in developing high-quality web and mobile apps. APM solutions provide detailed, and accurate, reports that reveal event patterns and trends regarding application usage. It’s with this information IT managers are able to adjust and expand applications as needed, which helps prevent backlogs and stalls due to an “unexpected” rise in traffic. The predictive capabilities of APM solutions are bound to save you and your business hundreds of hours in research and data collection.